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Gurney's Emotional "Rollercoaster" Day


Daryl Gurney admitted that his emotions were a “rollercoaster” after his son was born and Eric Bristow died on the same day.

The Derry ace was still celebrating the birth of his son Junior when he was told of The Crafty Cockney’s death just seconds before he walked on stage at the Liverpool Echo Arena on Thursday night.

Gurney and Peter Wright played out a 6-6 draw in one of the most highly-charged emotional atmospheres in darts history as the 8,000 fans stood and sang “Walking In A Bristow Wonderland”.

The Irish star then consoled Wright who burst into tears after the match had ended and admitted: “It was a rollercoaster day of emotions, that’s for sure. It was 11.25am and Daryl Junior had not long been born when I had 20 minutes to make the last flight over.

“If I’d missed that flight I wouldn’t have made Liverpool in time to play. I was on cloud nine, best feeling in the world, better than winning the Grand Prix having a new baby.

“I was still walking on air really in the build up to the match and felt good, I thought I could get a result because I was so happy.

“We were just standing next to the stage, 30 seconds before the walk-on when we were told that Eric had passed away.

“To be honest it was so hard to take in. Peter and I just went on and played as best we could considering the amount of emotion from the fans. They were amazing. 

“I tried to just focus on the darts as best I could. I always like the crowd to be noisy anyway but I could obviously hear the fans singing songs about Eric and I think his tribute picture was up on the big screens.

“It was tough, there’s no doubt. After the match Peter broke down, Eric meant a great deal to him. I didn’t know as well but we always had a good craic when we played in exhibitions and he was a great guy.”

Gurney, 32, admits that every dart player should be thankful for Bristow putting the oche on the sporting map.

He added: “Eric was a legend. In his hey day he wound up players on TV and that made people tune into watch. Everyone wanted to see him get beat, but he was too good. The truth was that most of his rivals were beaten by him in the practice room, before they even got on stage.

“He was also a massive influence on the start of the Professional Darts Corporation and now darts gets huge crowds of over 10,000 in the Premier League. That’s largely down to him. He will be sorely missed and a real legend.”

Gurney also played in this weekend’s Players Championship in Barnsley after his missus Aine told him to!

He added: “I only got about two hours paternity leave from the PDC. I was ready to having a few days at home after playing in Liverpool.

“But Aine told my manager that I was to stay in England, go to Barnsley, and come home after that!

“That’s incredibly supportive of her, she’s the best in the world and she’s given me the most amazing feeling with Daryl Junior being born.

“I’m living out of a suitcase right now. I was only back for 24 hours from Germany last week before going back to Liverpool. Now it’s Barnsley and then home and back to Sheffield for next week’s Premier League.

“But now I have an extra mouth to feed. I’m doing this for my family and that motivates me even more to work hard and succeed.”

Story By: Phil Lanning

Date : 09-04-2018



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