New year – new start for JDC Nottingham

New year – new start for JDC Nottingham

11 January, 2024

2024 started with a real bang, as JDC Nottingham member, Elliott Bradley, hit his first 180 in the Academy room at Nottingham College.

JDC Nottingham are excited to start the new year and are delighted to be a part of the JDC.  The Academy meets every Monday night, 5.00 – 6.30 p.m. at the Basford Hall site of Nottingham College.

Room 180 Academy are proud to lead the PDC’s Bullseye Maths national initiative and we look forward to more sessions as the year progresses. For more details, please visit:


For more details on Room 180 Academy or JDC Nottingham, please visit the following link or contact:

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Gary Horsley at =  [email protected] / [email protected].

Please visit the holding address of: /

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