The Dazzler and scoring against United….

The Dazzler and scoring against United….

11 November, 2011

What’s a typical day’s food intake for you? (Honestly!!!)

I try to eat 3 meals a day and maybe a few snacks in-between but sometimes during Tournaments you don’t get time with late finishes and most NICE places closed


If you could wave a wand who’s body shape would you most like?

Nobody in mind but I would like to be more athletic and Toned


Outside of darts who is your favourite and most iconic sports person?

I have a few but Sir Ian Botham sticks out, passion as a player, and for his Charity work


If you were the Prime minister what law would you make to help darts?

One thing I would suggest is that BBC allow more sponsor badges ha ha and Darts to be introduced into the junior schools as a way of Mathematics


What other sport outside darts would you love to be as professional in and why?

I wanted to be a footballer when I was young and score a winning goal against Man United…..


What really annoys you about being on the darts tour?

Lots of driving and not much time to see the sites and attractions


Any improvements you’d like to see on tour?

The BDO comps should have more room for the players and have the screens made bigger at the end of the Lanes etc


Looking at darts overall what are the most changes you’ve seen in your playing career?

The biggest change for me has been how the PDC has improved during the last 3 years, maybe because of the steady flow of the top BDO players making the exodus


How much can other people in your life affect your darts up on the stage? Nothing or a lot?

If you struggling a little you hear different things, things you never hear when you’re playing well so a friendly face or voice in the crowd can help you kick on


What is the best ever darts advice you’ve ever had?

Never give up, always keep going and relax as much as you can! This came from Alun Evans (R.I.P.) and he never gave up

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