Mervyn King wants to be Nick Faldo

Mervyn King wants to be Nick Faldo

11 November, 2011

What’s a typical day’s food intake for you? (Honestly!!!)

I often start with a cooked breakfast smaller cooked lunch or sandwich and good home cooked dinner.


If you could wave a wand who’s body shape would you most like?

Mine I like being me…


Outside of darts who is your favourite and most iconic sports person?

Nick Faldo golf as his dedication, work rate and drive for perfection were outstanding


If you were the Prime minister what law would you make to help darts?

Take the VAT off sporting goods sales and dartboards


What other sport outside darts would you love to be as professional in and why?

Has to be golf as I love the game and its a big passion for me


What really annoys you about being on the darts tour?



The Pro Tours are played in a library like atmosphere, and not open to the public would you change that?

Yes definitely as long as they respect the players and did not make too much noise


Looking at darts overall what are the most changes you’ve seen in your playing career?

The rise in prize money and the public falling back in love with the TV game again


How much can other people in your life affect your darts up on the stage? Nothing or a lot?

A great deal as just knowing there are people there supporting you means a lot


What is the best ever darts advice you’ve ever had?

Concentrate on your game and ignore your opponent and what he does

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