Nottingham Darts Academy Hosts Horizon

Nottingham Darts Academy Hosts Horizon

18 December, 2017

Nottingham Darts Academy hosted 12 students from the Horizon team at the Room 180 Academy to give the learners their first experience of darts and to help develop their life and numeracy skills.

The darting activities included round the board, odds & evens, adjusted Bully 10 game, coaches’ challenge and a group bullseye challenge.  The learners also participated in times tables activities around the dartboard.


Head Coach and teacher, Graham Abercrombie comments:

“What a fantastic experience!!! We had 12 of our Horizon students taking part in a ‘Darts: Come and Play’ session and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Not only did they have the opportunity to play darts, for the very first time for most of the group but they were also able to work in small groups/teams through soft competition, offered challenges, figure out strategies and take on leadership roles.  The confidence of all involved with the group improved hugely in just one hour and there were smiles on faces throughout the session.  We can’t wait to do it again!!!"

The Horizon event was part of the Nottingham Darts Academy offer that includes site visits and events at the Clifton campus in the purpose built Room 180 PDC affiliated Academy based at Nottingham College.

Nottingham Darts Academy allows people to study Maths, develop life skills, learn about sports psychology and learn the principles of event management while playing the sport of darts.  The academy is affiliated with the PDC and sponsored by Winmau.

The JDC Academy for players aged 8 – 18 years of age meet on Thursday’s at the Clifton Campus of Nottingham College  – 4.00 – 6.00 p.m. – to book a place please phone Gary or Abbi on the below number.

Please visit the following for further details:

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