Winmau WDDA World Masters 2018 Qualifiers Announced

Winmau WDDA World Masters 2018 Qualifiers Announced

03 September, 2018

The list of qualifiers for the 2018 edition of the WDDA Winmau World Masters has now been confirmed. Kevin Turner will return to defend his title in Bridlington Spa and is joined by the other top 10 ranked players from the BDDA ranking table:

Ricky Chilton (Wal - 1st), Pete Bramley (Eng - 2nd), Shane Havard (Wal - 3rd), Jonathan Hirst (Eng - 4th), Paul Gelder (Eng - 5th), Paul Hampton (Eng - 6th), Michael Davies (Wal - 8th), Graham Mitchell (Eng - 9th), Phil Lees (Eng - 11th), Matt Doe (Eng - 14th).

Team Winmau’s Vince D’Hondt finished the Road to Winmau in 10th place and claimed his spot at the World Masters as Winner of the Dutch Open. Vince is joined by fellow top 2 Belgian players in the rankings; Bernard Martens and Frederick Maertens. 

Bruges Open 2018 winner Cliff Rutlier also qualifies along with the top 3 ranked players from the Netherlands; Arie van der Rassel, Kees van Wielink and Anton van Hemert.

Six wildcards have also been selected to participate in the competition, including Belgium’s super-fan Jackie Goethals and Snowy Dyson.

Eight players will be seeded to enter the draw at the last-16 stage, whilst the others will play-off on 5th October for the remaining places. The finals will then take place on 7th October.

Complete Qualifiers List:

WDDA Winmau World Masters Champion 2017 - Champion Kevin Turner (ENG)

Top 10 ranked players from the British Disability Darts association -

Ricky Chilton (Wal) ranked 1st

Pete Bramley (Eng) ranked 2nd

Shane Havard (Wal) ranked 3rd

Jonathan Hirst (Eng) ranked 4th

Paul Gelder (Eng) ranked 5th

Paul Hampyon (Eng) ranked 6th

Michael Davies (Wal) ranked 8th

Graham Mitchell (Eng) ranked 9th

Phil Lees (Eng) ranked 11th

Matt Doe (Eng) ranked 14th

Dutch Open Champion and the Hague Disability Darts Champion  2018- Vince D’Hondt (Bel)

Bruges Open 2018 Champion - Cliff Rutlier

Top 3 ranked players from Holland -

Arie Van der Rassel (Ndl) ranked 1st

Kees Van Wielink (Ndl) ranked 2nd

Anton van Hemert (Ndl) ranked 3rd

Top 2 ranked players from Belgium -

Bernard Martens (Bel) ranked 2nd

Frederick Maertens (Bel) ranked 3rd


Lora Josey (USA)

Snowy Dyson (Eng)

Frederic Simon (Fra)

Thomas Munkelt (Ger)

Yvonne Post (Den)

Jackie Goethals (Bel)

Seeded Players: Kevin Turner, Ricky Chilton, Pete Bramley, Shane Havard, Jonathan Hirst, Vince D’Hondt, Arie Van Der Rassel and Kees Van Wielink 

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