18 May, 2010

Dr. Patrick Chaplin, probably the world’s foremost darts historian, has introduced his ground-breaking new publication Dr. Darts’ Newsletter. Issue One was published in March 2010 and this information-packed highly original Newsletter is available to darts lovers everywhere simply by subscribing via Patrick’s website.

The Newsletter is published on a monthly basis and features details of ‘Dr. Darts’’ latest research, historical facts and news of darts players from the past and from his darts contacts around the globe.

Reaction to the Newsletter has been very positive indeed with the number of subscribers growing seemingly every day. (The subscriber living furthest away from Patrick’s home in the UK lives in Fiji!)

Patrick told us "I’ve been really pleased with the take-up for Dr. Darts’ Newsletter and I am thankful for the sponsorship I receive which enables me to carry on with my research into the history and development of the great sport of darts."

To subscribe (totally free of charge) to Dr. Darts’ Newsletter simply visit Patrick’s website www.patrickchaplin.comand send your details to ‘Dr. Darts’. Patrick will then add you to the mailing list. (Back issues of the Newsletter are available to download via the ‘archive’ section of the website.)

Patrick added, "The more the merrier I always say, so subscribe today. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me. I’m a doctor!"


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