Bored at Home? Board at Home!

Bored at Home? Board at Home!

05 May, 2020

Over recent weeks wherever we are we have all had to adjust to the impact of COVID-19 on our lives. Most of us, except frontline staff are in lockdown and doing what the Government tells us to do in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

Remember the late 1980’s anyone? A time when the latest in gaming software was the Mastertronic ‘180’? You simply slipped the cassette into your Commodore 64 computer, waited ages for it to upload and then PLAY! How times have moved on from 1986! So much more to do indoors.

Technology has rushed forward over the past two decades and now we can watch our darts heroes taking part in head-to-head matches, view the PDC Home Tour, or play darts against friends from the safety of your own home(s) using one or more of the fabulous apps that are available.    

But there’s nothing – Nothing – like the real thing.

As time goes on, more and more of us will be looking for something fascinating to do; something to keep our minds active, encourage us to move about a bit and even to learn from the experience.

Darts does all of these things and it is eminently suitable for lockdown.

Thousands of families and individuals are already playing darts at home as one of the best antidotes to the gloom generated by COVID-19.  This has been demonstrated by the number of orders being placed for darts and darts equipment throughout the industry. Put simply, more people than ever are now playing darts, and although the mechanics of operating within the darts business has had to change, companies are still receiving and processing orders.

All our dartboards come supplied with fitting and playing instructions so it only takes a very short while before it’s “GAME ON!” As long as the space is sufficient for folks to ensure social distancing, you can play till your hearts content then pack the darts away safely and move back on to the sofa or back to work.

There is, therefore, no reason why darts shouldn’t be part of everyone’s lockdown activities. There is no need to be bored at home when you can have a board at home.

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