Mitchell Aims to Regain Lakeside Title

Mitchell Aims to Regain Lakeside Title

08 January, 2019

Scott Mitchell has got his eye on regaining his World Championship title in 2019 at the iconic Lakeside.

The hugely-popular Dorset dazzler takes on Serbian Oliver Ferenc at the Lakeside tonight, four years after landing the big one at Frimley Green.

Mitchell admits it’s now so tough having to juggle looking after his fame full-time with his darting career.

He revealed the heartbreak of losing his mum to cancer last April has turned his life upside down.

He admitted: “It’s been the hardest few months of my life without doubt. The year has been a bit of a blur. It’s involved me moving house, going into the farm and obviously care for my father.

“But somehow I still won four ranking titles last year since April and the BDO Gold Cup. It’s a miracle considering what I’ve been through.

“That proves that I can still win tournaments. I still feel I can go to Lakeside and pick up my second world title. 

“I’m not sure whether losing my mum has actually sunk in yet but the extra responsibility has probably helped me deal with it.

“New Year’s Eve was a real strange one for me, I didn’t want to go out or celebrate, I wanted 2018 out of the way.

“It’s tough being a full-time farmer because you can’t spend four months preparing for the Lakeside. But it also means you’re not over-focusing on darts either, which is a good thing.

“We lost my mum in April and then my dad decided he didn’t want to continue and retire so as the eldest son I took over the farm, it’s a three generation tenancy since my grandfather so it was important to us.

“So I had to take the decision of whether to take the farm and secure my future for the next 25 years or say no and go with the darts that may do me only another four or five years. But I went with my long-term future.

“My dream was always to own my own farm in life and to be World Champion. I’ve achieved that now and not many people can say that.”

Mitchell had a very unusual preparation for his opening Lakeside clash by putting up wooden fencing.

He added: “We are only a small holding, 75 acres. I’ve got 45 beef cattle here and I sell about 20 a year, battery hens, chickens some horses. 

“I still also have my small landscape garden business which I’ve had to cut back, I don’t do private customers anymore just the sports pitches I cut grass for from April to September.

“I just love being my own boss and doing this work. I love seeing people on social media begging me to play in the PDC but I’m just happy with playing darts, mowing grass or TB testing a cow. My life is that random on a day to day basis!

“I’ve been fencing all weekend, putting in 75 fence posts. I’ve come in to eat my dinner and watch the darts on Eurosport!

“I’ve done this all my life. I don’t worry about injuries, I just wear gloves. 

“I did have a scare last week. I was walking round the front of the tractor and the loader was about six foot high and I just caught my head on the corner and split my head open.

“I carried on what I was doing for the next half an hour with one hand on my head, stopping the blood. But then my wife said I’ve got blood all over my face, it was about an inch and a half wide. I just super-glued it up and carried on. That’s life on a farm.

“Strangely enough that was the tractor I bought for my dad with the prize money from winning the World Championship in 2015!”

Mitchell was also quick to dismiss any chat of chasing further glory or prize money at the PDC like some of his fellow BDO stars.

He added: “The BDO calendar works for me quite well in that I can combine the both. I’d be a fool to try and go to the PDC Q School, try and get a Tour Card and then attempt to juggle that schedule with farming. It wouldn’t work.

“I made the decision three or four weeks ago that I wouldn’t be chasing a place in the PDC. Not with the workload of the farm, it’s not an option.”

By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia)

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