Norwich Disability Darts Update

Norwich Disability Darts Update

16 July, 2021

Deda Monthly News Letter

First of all, I would like to thank everyone involved who made the Winmau Norwich ranking event a full success, there was a lot of pressure for DEDA to provide something great for you the members and I believe with every ones support we did that.

Winmau Norwich Ranking Event.

On the Friday, most players arrived for a simple meet and greet knockout tournament. In the group stages that was some close games and a fantastic standard of darts with Gary Bennett, Gareth Smith, Paul fryett, Chris lown, Peter Duncan, Mandie Howard, Mathew simpson and kev turner going through to the knockout stages which was finished on the Sunday evening.

The first ranking tournament was on the Saturday morning and after registration the tournament started promptly at 12 noon. within the group stages there was some close games and fantastic level of darts throughout the day. In the compris division Gary Bennett Peter Duncan gareth Smith Chris lown Matthew Simpson Fred foreman Andy MacDonald and play Roy Williams who got through the knockout stages and through the quarter finals.

first up was Gary Bennett against Leroy Williams we have Gary Bennett taking it with a 3 nil win. Next up was Paul fryett against Gareth Smith with Gareth just scraping it 3. 2. next stop was Andy MacDonald against Chris lown with Chris winning 3.1 and in the last quarter final Fred fullman against Matthew Simpson with Matthew winning 3.0

the semi finals was Gary Bennett against Matthew Simpson this was a closer game then the score produced with Gary winning 4.1. the next semi final was Gareth vs Chris this was a close game with Chris taking an early lead going 2 nil hope but fought hard and won 4 .2

the final was Gary against Gareth and proved to be a cracker with Gareth jumping out of the blocks to take I'm early 2 nothing lead including a 74 check out however Gary came back to make the game 3 .2 in His favour but then Gareth came back again to make it interesting at 3.3 the final leg was neck and neck with Gary taking it with a 57 check out on double 10 with gareth sitting on 32 .

well deserved win from Garry Bennett.

In the Classic section again there was some amazing standards from everyone Paul akkers again made heads turn with some great darts but came up short to reach the knockout, it was also great to see Snowy Dyson make his first appearance in DEDA. The players played all the way through to the semi finals with Richard Green, Paul Hampton Kev Turner and Richard Cartwright going through.

First up was Kev turner vs Richard green, with kev going through which can only be described as war between to quality players. Next up was Paul Hampton against Richard Cartwright who was the first person in a wheel chair to make the knockout rounds. With an in form paul Hampton making it through 3.2

The final was between Paul Hampton and Kev Turner and with the names on paper the match lived up to it expectations the Legs going back and forth and Kev Turner winning with a brilliant tops tops to win. Congratulations to kev turner.

The Ladies was also full of expectation and yet again did not fail to impress with Sandra Bennett, Sian Hillard Sarah Wooldridge and Mandie Howard going through to the semis.

The First Semi final was between Sarah and Sandra with sarah coming away with the win, next up was Mandie Howard vs Sian Hillard, with Mandie producing some great darts to come away with the win and reach her first final.

The Final Between Sarah and Mandie ended up becoming a close competition with sarah taking a 2 nil lead but Mandie being the most consistent dig deep to make it 2.2. The deciding leg was neck and neck all the way through with Sarah pipping it on double 6 to win her first title. A great standard of all throughout the day and I congratulate all the players involved. Just to point out Kev turner has stated on many occasions this weekend its coming home im not sure what he means.


Winmau Norich ranking event 2

On Sunday and after a busy day on the Saturday we did it all over again, yet again some high class games from everyone with everyone stepping up to the mark.

In the Compris division the was 2 groups of 5 with the top 4 going through to the quarter finals the 8 players who went through was Garry Bennett, Gareth smith, Paul Fryett, Chris Lown, Matthew Simpson, Peter Duncan, Fred Forman Andy Macdonald

The quarter final again produced some great darts with Garry, Gareth Paul and Chris going through to the next round, I will give a special mention to Lee roi who hit his first 180 in a match against me, well done lee roi. And also special mentions to Chris, matt and Paul who made amazing appearances with high standards though out. The Semi Finals first up was Gareth vs Paul with Paul going 2.1 up including a fantastic 158 checkout but Gareth dug deep to come back with the narrow Victory. Next up was Garry Bennett against Chris Lown with Chris again producing some great dart however Garry was again to strong and came away with the win.

So the final was repeat between Bennett and Gareth Smith, Gareth took the first leg however ran out of steam against Garry taking the win 4,1 to become double champion many congratulations to Garry on a successful tournament .

The classic yet again was full of surprises in the group stages with Kev turner, Paul Hampton, Richard green and new Member from Gateshead Jeff Glendinning going through to the semis.

The first Semi final was a full on battle with Richard Green taking it against Jeff Glendinning 3.2 with Richard making his first final of the weekend.

Next up was Paul Hampton Vs Kev turner Everyone stopped to watch this game as it was back and forth throughout with Paul just pipping it 3.2 to get through to his second final.

The final between Richard and Paul was nothing short of the benchmark that is disabled darts both player was determined to win and one not letting the other get away with it. After a gruelling game at 3.3 it was paul who came away with it to make it 4.3 and to win his first every tournament both players received a standing ovation and rightly so. Congrats to Paul.

The Ladies kicked off with some more close games and high standards yet again but it was these ladies who got through to the semi final, Sian Hillard, Mandie Howard, Alison Lown and Sandra Bennett

The semi final first up was Sandra Bennett against Mandie howard with Sandra producing some quality darts to get through to her first final.

Next up was Sian Hillard From Norwich against Alison Lown also from Norwich with Alison winning and also making it through to her first ever final. Both games was extremely close and could on gone either way.

With Sandra and Alison both getting through the final it was a high class game with both ladies producing and showing everyone else what they are capable of. Sandra came away with the with after a hard fought battle and won her first title winning 3.2.

I must say this weekend I everyone proved a point that disabled darts is on the rise throughout England and it was a pleasure to see everyone enjoying themselves whilst being responsible during the covid 19 guidelines, the venue was completely impressed with Deda and have invited us back next year and so im pleased to announce we will return to Norwich in 2202 July

Now on to the next Event which is only a month away at Chester on the 7th and 8th of august, see you all there and thankyou all for your support

Gareth smith

Wdda England Cordinator

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