Room 180 Academy - Hits The Bullseye With Monty Hind

Room 180 Academy - Hits The Bullseye With Monty Hind

03 May, 2022

The Room 180 Academy has completed its latest community event with a very rewarding four-week stint at the Monty Hind Youth Club, based in Nottingham.

Four Monday evenings saw staff from Nottingham College’s Room 180 Academy – which is affiliated to the Junior Darts Corporation and also runs the in-school sessions for the Professional Darts Corporation’s “Bullseye Maths” scheme – visit the youth club, where each week over 20 players participated in the darting activities.  The adapted darting games were tailored to the learners and each participant grew in confidence with each week.

Molly, pictured below was one of the biggest fans and just loved the bullseye competitions, and supervisor Lisa commented:  “Molly asks for darts at the entrance and is delighted when it is on and sad when it isn’t on – she can’t wait for the session to start on the darting nights! We as an organisation will definitely be booking in more sessions as the young people will demand this!”



Tom Smith, a new Room 180 Academy staff member, has been part of the four sessions alongside Gary Horsley and said: “I was nervous to start with but once I started you could see that every player really enjoyed it.  At first the players were requiring a lot of support but as each week grew they became more independent – at the last session, a few of the players were asking where they could buy their own darting equipment, thus highlighting the positive impact.  I am looking forward to more community events as the buzz I get from leading others is infectious.”

Jamie Kirman, volunteer at Monty Hind added: “The darts events are great and the players really enjoy all the activities. The Room 180 team adjust all the activities so they are inclusive for all and the games really help build confidence, leadership and independent skills.  I have volunteered at Monty Hind for over nine years now and it was great to see Gary back at the club – I first met Gary years ago when I was a student at college and it is brilliant to see the darts growing. The Monty Hind team are looking forward to the next sessions later in the year.”




Room 180 Academy director Gary Horsley said: “Monday nights at Monty Hind are very special – our inclusive darting games are tailored for the players and the excitement from the group is just magical.  It is so rewarding to see the impact we have with the group and know that our hard work is really appreciated – the sessions are creating memories for all the group and we look forward to visiting again in the near future.”

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