Room 180 Academy – Back on the Road

Room 180 Academy – Back on the Road

07 July, 2021


The Room 180 Darts Academy made a welcome return back into schools on Weds 23rd June 2021 with a very successful darts day at Kingsway Primary school in Nottinghamshire.  Head coach, John, provided darting activities in the portable darts room for over 120 school children. 

The template for the session included a darts coaching session, brief introduction to life skills and the TIPS model followed by some competitions, numeracy challenges, all adjusted for the age and ability of the children.  The darting highlights were the “round the board” challenge, the innovative “colours” game and some challenging darting numeracy challenges.

Organiser and teacher, Brett Frost comments: “the whole day was a great success and the children had a great time. John had an excellent delivery style and made all the games inclusive for all participants.  We look forward to the Room 180 team returning next year to develop this excellent initiative.”

“I really enjoyed the day and the children did really well on the activities – their maths skills developed throughout the session and it was great fun.  It was so nice to be back on the road and starting to develop darts education again”. Comments John – Head Coach.

Room 180 Academy is proud to get back on the road and are looking forward to starting a new schools programme in September.  Darts education is in for an exciting future with alot of new initiatives being launched soon.  For more details on darts education please contact:

Gary Horsley at or or visit the Winmau website.


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