Room 180 Academy - Staff CPD Event

Room 180 Academy - Staff CPD Event

18 May, 2023

Nottingham College was the home for the staff development event for the college’s apprenticeship team. 16 members of the college’s staff attended the CPD event that featured darting games and competitions. 

Nick Proverbs – Operations Manager comments: “it was a cracking session and great to see everyone involved.  Each staff member grew in confidence as the games unfolded and at times the competition was fierce.  It was a great way for the team to develop and would be something that I would highly recommend.  Thank you Gary for organising this and we hope to return again soon.

 Comment from Molly Poyzer (Recruitment Coordinator) – ‘Even though I am not very good at Darts, it was great doing an event with others and working as a team to achieve the highest score.

Comment Hayley Bowser (Onboarding Coordinator) – ‘I am super competitive and love these types of events, Gaz made it fun and interactive. Everyone enjoyed themselves and was great to see everyone getting involved.

This was the second staff CPD event of the year and was very successful.  Room 180 Academy Director and Faculty Area Manager for Sport and Public Services concludes:

“This was the second of many staff events and it is a great way to help spread the news of darts in education.  I am really excited to continue to provide staff CPD that engages all staff and allows them to build up relationships with colleagues in such a fun way.  Darts is a great social sport and it was lovely to see this session develop – none of the participants were darts players or enthusiasts but they really enjoyed the games and it was lovely to see them team build.  This was a slightly different theme to the last CPD event for the Maths staff but was just as rewarding. There was a great buzz in the room and there was some very good arrows thrown – speed darts, bully 9 challenge and the paper star games were the most popular.”

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