Scotty 2 Hotty lights up World Masters Stage

Scotty 2 Hotty lights up World Masters Stage

06 October, 2018

Winmau’s two-time Lakeside World Champion smashed in a superb 104.50 average as he defeated Roger Janssen in the Winmau World Masters last 32 stage.

Janssen played his part is a fantastic clash, posting a 96.52 average himself but Waites just couldn’t miss as he took the tie 3-0.

Scott Mitchell also finds himself in the last 16 as he defeated promising Irish youngster Shane McGuirk 3-1 in an assured display whilst current Lakeside World Champion mirrored the score line in his victory over John Walton.

There were also wins for high-profile seeds Jim Williams, Richard Veenstra and Mark McGeeney but there were plenty of shocks on the Bridlington stage.

Floor qualifier Gary Stone managed to knock out Scott Baker 3-1 whilst his fellow Scot Ross Montgomery also fell to a 3-1 defeat to Mario Vandenbogaerde. Chris Landman’s tournament was ended sharply by David Copley whilst Eddie Mordica edged an extremely tight encounter with Wesley Harms 3-2.

The other floor qualifier to advance into the last 16 was Adam Smith-Neale who demolished Daniel Day 3-0 as Day struggled to get going at all through the match.

Gary Robson avoided a potential banana-skin in the form of Wouter Vaes while fellow seeds Wayne Warren, Michael Unterbuchner, Willem Mandigers and Dave Parletti also all advance.

In the Youth final we were treated to an amazing display of darts from Jurjen van der Velde as he defeated Keane Barry 4-3 to be crowned 2018’s Winmau World Masters Boys Champion.

In the Girls final, Beau Greaves added yet another trophy to her collection as she picked up a second consecutive Winmau World Masters Girls trophy, defeating Canada’s Hayley Crowley 4-0.


Winmau World Masters Girls Final

Beau Greaves (ENG) (78.10) 4 v 0 (67.24) Hayley Crowley (CAN)

Winmau World Masters Boys Final 

Keane Barry (IRE) (80.21) 3 v 4 (89.04) Jurjen van der Velde (NL)

Winmau World Masters Mens Last 32

Glen Durrant (ENG) (99.62) 3 v 1 (89.76) John Walton (ENG)

Scott Baker (ENG) (83.16) 1 v 3 (86.64) Gary Stone (SCO)

Ross Montgomery (SCO) (82.41) 1 v 3 (90.85) Mario Vandenbogaerde (BEL)

Gary Robson (ENG) (80.64) 3 v 1 (75.66) Wouter Vaes (NL)

Scott Mitchell (ENG) (83.73) 3 v 1 (80.98) Shane McGuirk (IRE)

Willem Mandigers (NL) (86.50) 3 v 1 (80.68) Ricardo Pietreczko (GER)

Chris Landman (NL) (84.55) 1 v 3 (82.80) David Copley (ENG)

Wesley Harms (NL) (81.96) 2 v 3  (75.99) Eddie Mordica (ENG)

Jim Williams (WAL) (87.07) 3 v 2 (86.65) Nigel Heydon (ENG)

Richard Veenstra (NL) (80.87) 3 v 0 (75.16) Sebastian Steyer (POL)

Dave Parletti (ENG) (87.02) 3 v 1 (82.70) Krzysztof Kciuk (POL)

Scott Waites (ENG) (104.50) 3 v 0 (96.52) Roger Janssen (BEL)

Michael Unterbuchner (GER) (97.20) 3 v 1 (102.72) John Burgess (ENG)

Wayne Warren (WAL) (91.08) 3 v 0 (83.22) Terry Stubbs (ENG)

Daniel Day (ENG) (78.55) 0 v 3 (92.97) Adam Smith-Neale (ENG)

Mark McGeeney (ENG) (93.02) 3 v 1 (85.93) Keith Geraghty (IRE)

The action continues from 13:00 as the Ladies last 8 take to the stage whilst the Mens last 16 continues.

All the action is available LIVE and FREE from WinmauTV.


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