The Line of Beauty - Blade

The Line of Beauty - Blade

03 April, 2020

The ancestry of dartboards can be traced back to the medieval times, fashioned from materials such as the end of a cask of ale, elm logs and even horse hair, all sourced from the earth and used by the archers of the time to fulfil the basic need for competition and engagement that exists in us all.

Whilst modern dartboards have evolved, they still harness that same eternal magic of nature. Now interwoven with state of the art technology, the latest dartboards and the modern game still awaken basic, medieval hunter gatherer instinct that lives deep within our genetic code and provides the perfect platform for freedom to play together with the restraint of accuracy.

Darts is born from the head to head perfectly suited to Nobles, Bankers, Engineers, Hells Angels, Fine Maidens and the like, playing on the most unforgiving of theatres and offering the perfect lessons of life itself.

Today, darts is the razzmatazz, high drama and even higher prize fund. This gives Man the chance to celebrate these ancient rituals in the most modern of ways, and it demand for the very best that has led Winmau's Blade becoming an evolutionary masterpiece.


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