Throw Like Vincent van der Voort

Throw Like Vincent van der Voort

21 July, 2020

We look at one of the games most trusted professionals’ throw, his approach to life and how Vincent’s vast experience can help players of every level.

Vincent is out-and-out a players players’ favourite, where his no nonsense approach yet sympathetic ear has seen him help many great young players.

1.  Get Comfortable

Vincent's set up has evolved as he has grown older and had to manage ongoing back troubles, the key foundation to this was finding a stance on the oche that allowed him to play pain-free whilst maintaining a deadly straight throw.

2.  Find your match play rhythm

Finding the right rhythm whilst experiencing match play tension is something that Vincent has always focussed on, by paying close attention to how freely his arm and release feel whilst totally forgetting any technical throw thoughts.

3.  Set your throw

Vincent always has a clear picture of what the next visit is about, whether a big score or clinical finish. This clarity without technical or specific number focus has made Vincent one of the most instinctive players on the planet.

4.  Forget the Finish

Vincent’s composed demeanour allows him to accept every throw as philosophically the same, meaning he can stay present for every throw not worrying about darts that have gone or darts to come.

5.  Use your life balance

Vincent’s decades of experience have allowed him to understand the real things that affect his throw and performance. Most notably the conditions off the oche, in and around Vincent’s everyday life - where we can see that darts is everything and nothing in equal measure. 

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