Vecta - The Ultimate Choice of the Modern Player

Vecta - The Ultimate Choice of the Modern Player

25 September, 2020

Vecta shafts have soared to be one of 2020’s products of choice, we take an in-depth look at Winmau’s most exciting shafts and how their performance dynamics can help your game.

Unquestionably one of darts’ most stunning looking shafts, there is so much more beneath the surface to Winmau’s latest shaft release, but the overwhelming feedback we’ve had is that in looking superb, they help you play great.

Digging into the material properties, the Vecta shaft is made up of composite high-impact polycarbonate throughout the body of the shaft that draws immediate attention to the extra rigidity that Vecta offers over standard nylon and other composite shafts.
This high-strength material has been strategically developed to out-perform all shaft alternatives, through outstanding stability that helps narrow the dispersion of your throw.
The Vecta shaft’s weight comes in at approximately 0.3 grams heavier than a standard nylon counter-part, which is key to the delivery of a low torque, counter balanced shaft that really suits the modern game.

Flight Retention
Vecta’s simplicity is that all shafts come fitted with a stunning, streamlined, fixed alloy tip that has been intricately machined with extra deep, easy-fit flight slots.
The result is outstanding flight stability and retention, allowing dart players to flow as Vecta shafts exceptional feel and balanced performance is matched with drop-dead sexy looks.

Vecta’s ultra-durable alloy tips have been streamline designed and impact tested to provide the least path of resistance at the junction of the shaft and flight aperture that ensures a tremendous and reliable life-span of these tour-calibre shafts.
Vecta shafts performance speaks volumes for themselves as the choice of the modern player.

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