WDDA CEO Statement

WDDA CEO Statement

30 June, 2020

It is a privilege and indeed a great honour to have the title of CEO of the WDDA. I must firstly thank Russ Strobel for this opportunity to look after the day to day running of this great organisation, in fact, due to the hard work and effort by Russ since 2013, it would be more fitting to say we are now an institution. Russ is still our president and will be behind the scenes of the WDDA-C.

I have big plans going forward for the WDDA with the inclusion of a Ladies section, new European and World tournaments and introducing a youth development programme. After all, the youth are the future of our great sport.

I have been involved behind the scenes of the WDDA as the Compris Delegate for almost a year now and assisted Russ Strobel in the initial introduction of “Compris Pathway “now known as Compris Division.

The Darts world is constantly changing and Evolving due to its popularity. Disability darts are no different, we now set out to do what was intended in the beginning of Disability Darts.

Social inclusion for all registered disability players without discrimination. The WDDA have now relaxed the Paralympic criteria and have introduced the “Classic Division” of Compris. This division will open up more opportunities for more people, and current WDDA members need not worry as these changes do not affect the players who have Paralympic classification.

I will be announcing my team of co-ordinators that will assist me in the coming days. This will be people who are committed to the WDDA and have been in and around Disability Darts for some time.

With the continuing support and sponsorship from Winmau who have been with the WDDA since the very beginning of Disability Darts. I look forward to having the same long-term relationship with them into the future.

Ian Flack, Winmau’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “We are delighted to hear of Ted’s appointment within the WDDA. We’ve worked with him for 4 years and his drive and work ethic is second-to-none so we know the WDDA and their players are in the hands of someone that will provide ever-increasing opportunities. Good luck in the new role Ted, and we’d also like to offer a special thank you to Russ Strobel for his unbelievable efforts on behalf of disability players across the world.”

I look forward to the many challenges that lie ahead and can assure all WDDA members, I am only an email away. I can be contacted at

I look forward to meeting many new people at the WDDA Winmau World Cup and Festival of Disability Darts next spring in Scotland.

Ted McMillan, CEO – WDDA-C.


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