Winmau goes GoDartsPro

Winmau goes GoDartsPro

05 February, 2019

Winmau is proud to work in partnership with to help the World’s darts player improve their darts game.

GoDartsPro’s leading Darts practice-expert, Mikko Laiho, has been working with Winmau for several years on projects such as the Winmau Practice Zone and coaching all levels of darts players - from beginners to World Champions. is a new web platform created for all darts players that want to improve, with a range of free practice games to test yourself and track your improvement. With 40+ practice games and the revolutionary MICO-Factor skill level assessment, there’s plenty for players of all skill levels to get stuck in to. Games are focused to improve aspects of your game such as Grouping, scoring, finishing and more. The website also includes in-depth articles regarding the psychology of the game and optimum training methods.

For those players who want to get further in-depth into the statistic and analysis of their game, Mikko also offers professional coaching program to take you on to the next level. This coaching offers you direction, measurable progress and expertise to up your game - all whilst enjoying the beautiful game of darts.

Click here to check it out for yourself.

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