Singha Darts Tour - Thailand Championship 2019

Singha Darts Tour - Thailand Championship 2019

18 March, 2019

The first ever Singha Darts Tour, Thailand Championship 2019 gets underway in May - with four events planned throughout the year.

Established on 26th June 2018, the Darts Association of Thailand (DAT) is a member of the WDF and the Singha Darts Tour will be the inaugural darts tour of Thailand.

There will be three stages before the grand finals in Bangkok on 17th-18th August:

  • Bangkok 18th-19th May
  • Khonkaen 29th-30th June
  • Chonburi 20th- 21st July

All the tournaments will be played on the class-leading Blade 5 dartboards, with events in Men’s, Ladies and Team catergories.

Full details on the tournament and how to register are available from

You can also follow DAT on Facebook at DAT Darts.

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