Top 3 Practice Program to Improve your Game

Top 3 Practice Program to Improve your Game

05 August, 2020

As darts leagues and competitions across the World are beginning to plan and prepare their return following lockdown, we’re here to give you our Top 3 practice program to make sure you’re as sharp as possible when competitive darts gets back underway.

1. Killer warm up game - 51 Darts Practice Game

51 Darts is a perfect starting game to get you warmed up, scoring and make sure your throw is feeling smooth and ready for the rest of this session.



2. Get your doubles in hot form - 420 Darts Practice Game

“Trebles for show, Doubles for Dough” – Bobby George, Two-time News of the World Champion

420 is all about sharpening up your doubles and putting increasing pressure on your key finishing doubles. It uses all the doubles around the board and will develop your game on the most key part of any leg, hitting the finish.



3. Prepare to play at your very best - Mental Checkout

Rounding off our trifecta of practice games is “Mental Checkout”, this is devised to simulate the pressure of a game, in both scoring well on your trebles to then transition and set up the big finish. This is the most challenging of the three, but also the most rewarding when you pin that big 130 finish!


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