BDO Announce Lift on Player Restrictions

BDO Announce Lift on Player Restrictions

23 August, 2018

The BDO has announced it is set to remove all restrictions on PDC Tour Card holders with an amendment to rule 4.00 on player eligibility.

New BDO Chairman Derek Jacklin and the current BDO Board of Directors have passed the resolution to remove the historic restrictions as placed on PDC players. The rule changes are applicable for both the Men’s and Ladies game and will be effective as of 1st October 2018

RULE 4.00 will now read as follows:


4.01 Conditions of participation in Qualifying Events

In order to participate in a Qualifying Event, a player;

a. Must be a member of the BDO or another member darts body of the World Darts Federation a list of which may be found at: Full and Associate Member BDO Darts Bodies

b. Must not be serving a period of ineligibility imposed by the BDO, the World Darts Federation or any member darts body of the World Darts Federation.

The BDO have stated that this decision will serve to ensure that any women looking to enter the upcoming qualifiers into the Ladies Play Offs in the PDC World Championship will be free to participate without affecting their position within the BDO system.

The changes will also ensure that BDO players that make the decision to participate in PDC Q-school will no longer face any penalties or repercussions from the BDO.

Full BDO Press Release is available here.

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