Winmau support TIG to deliver remote play on Russ Bray Pro Darts Scorer

Winmau support TIG to deliver remote play on Russ Bray Pro Darts Scorer

15 April, 2020

With the World on lockdown to stay safe, home darts is absolutely booming with players seeking ever more innovative ways to get head-to-head matches.

TIG Apps owner and lead developer Andrew Aisbitt took the brave decision to build a rapid upgrade addition to the world’s most downloaded scoring app, and offer a FREE upgrade to existing users who want to utilise the online remote game option.

Andrew said "Very soon into lockdown it was clear something amazing was happening in the virtual play and scoring space, so we looked at the pain points for our loyal customer base and it was very easy to see that all people needed was remote play. We set about developing the entire code base to allow this “Remote” option. Working in collaboration with Winmau means that we are best positioned to hit the ground running and get as many people as we can playing and enjoying great head-to-head games whilst staying safe at home".

Simon Hall Head of Marketing for Winmau said "Dealing with Andrew has been an outstanding pleasure in how passionate he is to help people connect and play darts. Winmau’s staysafe , staystrong, playdarts campaign caught Andrew's attention and helped inspire him to develop this upgrade, which we are so grateful to be part of and help him promote".
The Russ Bray Darts Scorer Pro app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or simply update your current app.

With millions of games already played hundreds of thousands of dart players can now enjoy amazing head-to-head games and all the banter and excitement that comes with it – whilst staying safe at home!

Winmau would personally like to thank Andrew and Russ for their contribution to darts in these tough times.

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