Winmau Partners with Auto-scoring Steeltip Darts Brand FidoDarts

Winmau Partners with Auto-scoring Steeltip Darts Brand FidoDarts

11 January, 2019

Winmau, the world’s leading darts brand, is pleased to announce their partnership with Taiwanese company, FidoDarts on their revolutionary, internet-enabled, self-scoring steeltip darts machine.

Under the agreement, Winmau will supply FidoDarts with its class-leading Blade 5 Dual Core dartboards for use in the machines as well as distribute the product in the UK. In return, FidoDarts has been appointed as the official distributor of all Winmau products across Taiwan and China.

Automatic darts machines have been a feature in pubs and clubs for several years. However, players have mainly had to use softip darts and play on a synthetic dartboard. The new FidoDarts machine combines all the features of automatic scoring and suggested finishes with the ability to play on a traditional bristle board using steeltip darts. In addition to the standard 173cm bullseye height set up, a 137cm version (as introduced by Winmau’s partner the World Disability Darts Association) to accommodate players in a wheelchair is also available.

The coin-operated machines use a series of miniature cameras to track the trajectory of each dart and identify scores. Players can choose whether to play games of 501 or 301, as well as cricket and count up. In addition, the FidoDarts machine offers training exercises designed to improve accuracy and consistency.

Each machine is internet-enabled, allowing players to take on opponents in other locations, opening up the potential for global matches. A free smartphone app interacts with the machine and enables players to track their own score history and performance against a global leader board. 

“There’s no denying the global darts phenomenon,” says Winmau’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ian Flack. “More and more people want to play the sport they see on television, and the FidoDarts machine will appeal to players of every standard. It will also be of interest to pubs and clubs because it makes the sport so much more accessible to those new to the game who might otherwise be put off by having to calculate scores and work out finishes. I’m delighted we will be representing the product in the UK and that FidoDarts will be using our Blade 5 Dual Core boards throughout their global distribution structure.”

Jeff Teng, CEO of FidoDarts, added: “Winmau is the largest and most respected brand in the sport, and their position as the world’s leading bristle dartboard manufacturer is without question. We are so pleased to have such a famous brand on board that has faith in the technology that has been years in the making. We hope will revolutionise the way the steeltip game is played by appealing to serious players and those new to the sport via this pioneering technology.”

For further details with regard to FidoDarts, please visit:

To register your interest in the FidoDarts machine in the UK please contact [email protected] and for all other countries, please email [email protected]

For details of the Winmau range in Taiwan or China, please email: [email protected]

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