30 March, 2023

Colin Osborne is returning to Winmau with a renewed sense of purpose and ambition. This remarkable comeback has defied all odds and Colin is now back on the professional playing field, with a strong support team and a renewed commitment to success.

Colin has been away from the top level of darts for more than 5 years. During this time, he has been working relentlessly to completely re-model his throw and rebuild his confidence, while also developing his personal strength and character.

Now, by returning with Winmau, Colin is showing the world that no matter the odds, with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Colin said “Being formally back with Winmau is great and it feels amazing to be part of a team again and to have the opportunity to succeed in the sport that I love. I have a lot of work to do, but I am more than up for the challenges that the modern game brings in all its formats.”

Colin has already started to make his mark, showing great potential and playing at the highest level. With the help of dedicated coaching and a small dedicated team, Colin has changed his throw style almost completely and is ready to progress again. 

The 47-year-old’s new, more fluent style is designed to suit his remarkable hand-eye coordination, shown by his ability at a variety of sports from Golf to Yo-Yo skills, as well as being ideally suited to the modern high-scoring game.

The Middlesborough thrower has claimed multiple weekly wins on the Modus Super Series recording 100+ averages and a perfect 9-dart leg along the way. He has recorded multiple successes in open events and is feel he is beginning to re-hone his new technique.

Simon Hall Winmau Marketing Director commented "Seeing Colin back with us on a formal deal is such a great story and reward for the strength of mind that he has as a player and his dedication. He could have easily given up and played recreationally but that was never Colin's dream, and were very pleased to be able to support him down the final stretch back into the top level of professional darts where we know he believes he can be".

Colin will play the rest of 2023 on the PDC Challenge and Development Tours, the ADC and all Modus Super Series, before undertaking a full-blooded assault on regaining his tour card for the 2024 season.

Welcome back Colin! 

Colin's latest 9-darter -

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